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Earn up to  10%  commission on  10,000+ high value  products!

Affiliate Management is a program where you can earn  commission  just by advertising our products on your website/blog.  Commission  will be earned by you every time when a user makes a purchase by visiting us through you (means through the product link which you publish on your website/blog). There is zero cost involvement in joining the affiliate program which makes it distinct, low risk and high reward marketing and sales strategy as compared to others.

How Does it Work?

The process is very simple. Simply, signup/login to your affiliate portal, pick your affiliate link and place them into your website/blogs and watch your account balance grow as your visitors become our customers, as :
  1. Visitor clicks on affiliate links posted on your website/blogs.

  2. A cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes. The visitor browses our site and may decide to order.

  3. The visitor browses our site and may decide to order. If the visitor orders, the order will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive a commission for this sale.

  4. If the visitor orders, the order will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive a commission for this sale.

Stats Management

With our Affiliate Program, one will able to instantly see all the information related to his earnings from Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Click, which would be highly valuable in making decisions. Reports generated by our Stats Management saves time and gives a more clear picture of your Affiliate Program profit and loss and what to focus on in order to maximize your profit.

Affiliate Tool

Through our specially designed Affiliate Tools namely “Affiliate Link Generator” and “Product Link Generator” user can easliy manage his affiliate program. Through our tools, its easy to build the affiliate product links and banners and earn money.


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    What is the Affiliate Program?

    The Affiliates Program allows affiliates, publishers, website owners and e-marketers to earn commissions by referring users to Affiliates can earn up to 10% every time a user makes a purchase on site through the affiliate links.

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    How does Affiliate Program work?

    1- Enter your email in the field, then click Join Now.

    2- You will receive an email immediately (go to the spam folder if you do not find it in the inbox).

    3- Fill in your complete and accurate details.

    4- Once your account is approved, start promoting (Approval of your account may take from 2 to 4 business days).

    5- After approved, you can get the ad code from the "Tools" menu, where you will be able to get banners or product links. After you specify the details, you can copy the ad code and embed it on your website.

    6- Once visitors click on the banner or link, any sales generated from these referrals, will count towards your commission.

    7- When someone orders something from through your affiliate links, it takes an average of 5 business days to receive the product, and the customer has 30 days to return it. Therefore, all orders that have not passed this mark are considered pending until the customer receives the product and does not return it. These orders will show as pending in the reports section and once they are confirmed, they will move to the approved amount section.

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    What is the cookie lifetime?

    The lifetime of the cookie is 7 days, which means that we will track any order that happens in a 7 -day cookie window after the click. This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link, and then purchases any items within 7 days period post click r, you will still get a commission on all the items purchased.

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    How do I request payment?

    go to the payment page. Then you need to fill out your bank details

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    is there a minimum limit to withdraw my commission?

    There's a minimum payout limit of EGP 500 , if your commission is less than that then it gets transferred the following month after your confirmed commission has reached the minimum limit.

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    Where can I place the links to promote

    You can place affiliate links in several areas such as:

    - Chat apps

    - Personal Blogs or own website

    - Forums: Forums are a very good places to promote products that are related to the visitor's interests. You can post your links in a thread comment while recommending the products with a personal message.

    - Via email, facebook, twitter, and other social media websites

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    What is the commission structure for the Affiliate Programs?

    With our affiliate program,You can earn higher commissions based on your sales according to the following structure for each product category.
    more info about structure for each product category by clicking here
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    How do I make sure the link is correct?

    A common mistake is to putting words between the product and the affiliate key. If you do this, then the affiliate cookie will not be downloaded on the user's browser and as a result, no order they make will be attributed to you.So, always make sure to copy the original link to make sure that everything gets tracked properly.

    Here's an example of a correct affiliate URL:  Or:

    always make sure to use the original link to make sure that everything gets tracked properly.