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ZTE Nubia REDMAGIC 7 Pro Gaming Smartphone

24,034.00 EGP
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Product description

ZTE Nubia REDMAGIC 7 Pro Gaming Smartphone ZTE Nubia REDMAGIC 7 Pro Gaming Smartphone ZTE Nubia REDMAGIC 7 Pro Gaming Smartphone



Warranty information

 Warranty Period 100 Day 
Warranty Type international
Warranty Coverage All manufacturing defects


What does international warranty mean? 

This means that the product was imported from outside Egypt through an importer and not through the local agent.

Why is the warranty period only 100 days?

Imported devices are supposed to be without warranty, but we give the customer a period of 100 days to fully test and try the product.

Why is the product not provided with a one-year warranty?

This product may not be available at all through a local agent, or it may not be available at the present time through the agent, so it is supplied from abroad in addition to a 100-day guarantee through us to reassure our customers and ensure providing the best experience.

When does the warranty start and how is it activated? 

The warranty starts from the date of purchase of the product, and is automatically activated by us from the date of purchase.

How do I act if any misuse of the product occurs, such as a broken screen, etc., and what about spare parts?

We have a complete maintenance department for all products. We also provide most of the spare parts for products that are available with an international warranty. You can make a maintenance request from here. You can also maintain the product through the product agent and various maintenance centers if they have spare parts.


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ZTE Nubia REDMAGIC 7 Pro Gaming Smartphone

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